So, full disclosure…

I decided about four years ago that I was going to start a blog. And I was VERY excited about it. I was going to chat with you all about my kids, my family, and working from home. I set up the blog, typed out my very first post, posted it, and that was it. You’re probably wondering what happened?

Life took over. And I didn’t have the proper motivation.

Over the past few years, I’ve thought often and longingly about the blog that I wanted to start. I thought about how I wanted to encourage moms who want to work from home – because it is possible. And about how I wanted to share the crazy, funny shenanigans that my kids get up to – they are many. And finally, I wanted to chat with other moms who would get me – who would see that my life isn’t perfect but who wouldn’t judge me for it. (Or, at least, wouldn’t judge me out loud.)

So now, I’ve decided. It’s time. Time for me to do something I’ve been dreaming about for way too long. So here I am. Ready to hit the ground running. (Not literally “running” though – who does that??) Who’s coming on the adventure with me? You? Fantastic! Tell me about yourself!

woman running

This is gonna be fun!